So, here I am, new published author, Follis Wood. My print book is en route from Amazon (published using Createspace  and all is well with the world. In the past, when I helped my daughter start publishing, I put her ebook up using Amazon’s services as well, using Kindle Direct Publishing  My daughter, the incomparable Kimia Wood, has since chafed at some of the restrictions on KDP, so she made her second major novel available through Smashwords. Eager for new experiences, I submitted my novel to Smashwords, sifting…Continue Reading “A New Author and Smashwords”

This is an incredibly good question. My writing is mostly characterized by long lapses when I write nothing at all. How, then, can a Follis Wood blog be worth writing, let alone reading? Well, I’m afraid I have no answers, but if you’ll accompany me in this adventure, we’ll perhaps discover them together. I hope to have information about my upcoming novel, Eris – A Tale of the Nether, with perhaps some excerpts, etc. I may also be persuaded by my incredible daughter to write some…Continue Reading “Why?”